What is DaringArtists?
This is a Responsive  website (works on any mobile device) for easy navigation of DaringAudio’s massive collection of Curated Bass player video content from Youtube. It will connects certain bass sounds to particular pedals from DaringAudio.com which help you to achieve that sound: Live or in the studio, even without the use of a bass amp and speakers.

How is it related to DaringAudio?

It is designed, owned and operated by DaringAudio.com

Why we did this for you?

Because Youtube is way to deep and complicated, and many of their videos suck if  you simply do searching artist name.  You can search by name or genre within DaringArtists.com or navigate by genre, and playlist titles, and find great, curated, hand selected for sound quality videos much faster. We want Bass players to have high quality  information, entertainment, and the science of bass sound at their fingertips from any computer or mobile device.

What benefit to you get from it?

Discover best videos of your favorite players, and discover new players and new genres with great bass technique and sound. Feel free to suggest new artist names and bass player topics.

How to send us suggestions?

Use the contact form on this website

Thanks to all our fans, friends, customers and supporters.