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Mike Kerr Royal Blood Bass player Royal-Blood Mike Kerr

Mike Kerr is best known as the Singer/Bassist of British rock band ‘Royal Blood’. The 25 year old bass prodigy is pretty good with his unique bass riffs and awesome bass tones. Since the initiation of the band in 2013, they have been gathering accolades from all corners and the duo of Royal Blood are making it big in the UK rock scene. Mike joined hands with fellow band mate and drummer Ben Thatcher to create this awesome two piece band in Worthing of England. Among their early fans the Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders deserves a mention. On 11th November 2013, Mike and Royal Blood released their debut single, “Out of the Black” which came with a B-side called “Come on Over”. Royal Blood was also nominated for BBC Sound of 2014 in December 2013 and Mike was very much responsible for such early feats. The duo released their second single, “Little Monster” on 11th February 2014, featuring catchy numbers like “Out of the Black”, “Come on Over” and “Hole” on March 2014 in North America, and their debut album “Royal Blood” was released on 25th August 2014 which proved to be a commercial success and received critical acclaims as well.

Mike’s band has performed at several notable places like Texas, at Liverpool Sound City festival, at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow and at Download Festival and Glastonbury Festival. In February 2015, at the Brit Awards in London, Royal Blood was presented the Best British Group Award by Jimmy Page. Mike has previously used the name Royal Blood while living in Australia in 2012 and working with drummer Matt Swann. Before forming Royal Blood, Kerr was a chef studying hospitality and supervision at Northbrook College. Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age etc. are some of the names whose influences are seen manifested in Mike’s compositions. He also admits to Jeff Buckley’s influences as far as his vocals are concerned. Bands like Foo Fighters and Jack White projects are also accredited among the influences, if Mike is to be believed. In 2013 when Mike was asked by an Australian radio station, Triple M Sydney (104.9), about his influence, he generously uttered the name of Steven Hamblin from the rock band, “Graces Collide”.

Mike uses a Black Fender Starcaster Bass, a Gretsch G2220 Electromatic Junior Jet II. He also owns a White Starcaster Bass which he used in the music video, “Ten Tonne Skeleton” and also is the owner of a Manson Custom Bass. For amplification, he uses a Bassman and Fender Supersonic(such as Fender Supersonic 60 Combo Amp, Fender Supersonic 22 Combo ) which is an interesting amp with enough gain available on tap to serve up the thick , goopy levels of grit and dirtiness and can also deliver Fender’s traditional sparkling cleans if required. He also uses Fender Bassman 810 Pro among the gears for amplification. The effect pedals that are used by Mike includes an Electro-Harmonix POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator, a Boss PS-6 Harmonist Pitch Shifter, a Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb Pedal, a Boss TU-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner, a Boss LS-2 Line Selector/Power Supply, and a ZVEX Vextron Series Mastotron Fuzz guitar effects pedals. Mike is also seen playing a Gretsch Dreadnought Electric guitar while playing a cover of Cold War Kid’s song, “Hang Me Up To Dry”.


Mike believes in creativity and number is not a barrier. He quite enjoys the Royal Blood set up of drummer Ben Thatcher and himself bearing the responsibility of singing and bass rumbling. Though he feels a two piece lineup has limitations and bears a primitive odor, it’s actually very exciting as it roll with a faster pace of work.







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